New Warehouse - Now Complete!

New Warehouse - Now Complete!

We are very happy to announce that our new warehouse is now complete – almost a full month ahead of schedule! As you will see from the images below it is a huge space and it is already starting to fill up.

The addition of this warehouse gives Capital Cooling an additional 4000 square metres of storage space at our Broxburn HQ and will greatly improve the efficiency of our business by allowing all of our equipment to be stored under one roof rather than being split between multiple warehouses.

As part of our continued commitment to reducing our impact on the environment the new warehouse has been fitted with LED lighting throughout and a water filtering system that will ensure any waste returned to the water cycle will be free from chemicals. Furthermore, by having everything under one roof, we will remove the need to transport equipment between warehouses which will also have a positive effect on our CO2 output.

This extension is part of an investment program for Capital Cooling that also includes the all new R&D centre and new service management software – both of which are scheduled for completion before the end of the year.

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