National Butchers’ Week: The best refrigeration options for your shop

Monday, March 9th marks the 12th National Butchers’ Week, a British campaign highlighting the skill and innovation which takes place within butchers’ shops across the land. 

At Capital Cooling, we are big supporters of the butchery craft and services provided by the high street butcher. So, on this national week of recognition, we are encouraging everyone to shop local and discover better quality meats.

And what better week than this to highlight some of our refrigeration options that are perfect for use in a butchers shop?

Venus - V1250

In a butchers’ shop, the most vital piece of equipment on the main shop floor is the refrigerated serve-over counters and refrigerated display unit. This appliance has the power to create a successful food retail environment. 

Your refrigerated counter must be showcasing your meat display to its best potential. At Capital Cooling, we are proud of our Venus serve-over counter that is the most versatile and flexible range of serve-over displays that we have ever produced.


Available with either an integral or remote refrigeration system, curved or straight front glass, five different case lengths and a choice of colours (additional charges may apply) the possibilities are endless. Also, multiple Venus cases can be multiplexed together to create a run of any size required.

Kube Coldroom 


One of the main aims as a butcher is to provide customers with the freshest meat around. Capital Cooling’s Kube coldroom can help you achieve pristine freshness, as it expels heat and retains the refrigerant – ultimately preserving your meat.

The KubePlus and KubeUltimate coldrooms are the results of an extensive research and development process, with Capital Cooling utilising leading technology to give the two ranges their own unique properties for chilling and freezing.

An off-the-shelf solution, the KubePlus is designed with reliability, ease-of-installation and minimal hassle operation in mind. These benefits make it perfect for the foodservice and retail sectors where rooms must be functional.


The premium model of the Kube range, the KubeUltimate is a no-compromise option for clients looking for a coldroom truly bespoke to their needs. Every KubeUltimate coldroom is custom designed, manufactured and built to the exact requirements of the client.

Ilsa Evolve GN

If, in your Butchers’ shop, space is limited and a coldroom isn’t an option. Why not utilise a no-compromise appliance like the Ilsa Evolve GN which combines advanced refrigeration technology, energy-saving properties and optimal ergonomics.


The Evolve cases integrate perfectly into the kitchen environment. The appliance’s full-length door handle, simple touch display and rounded internal corners make the Evolve the perfect kitchen companion.

The INTELLI defrost system improves and increases the cooling efficiency of the unit, in-turn lowering the power consumption even further.