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Ilsa Refrigeration

Founded in 1979 Ilsa began life in a small workshop in Codogné. In the subsequent 40 years the company has gone from strength to strength.

With a passion for innovation and technology Ilsa has always placed an emphasis on research & development this has resulted in increased efficiency and eco-sustainability.

In 2015 Ilsa won the Smart Label 2015 award which is given to the company that demonstrates the highest levels of innovation in the HoReCa sector.

Ilsa offers the best solutions in the field of professional refrigeration, designing equipment suitable for every need while respecting the environment. Thanks to the aesthetics, the ergonomics, the practicality and the avant-garde of its refrigerated products the company is now a benchmark for catering, pastry, ice cream and pizza professionals. 

We are proud to be the exclusive UK distributors for Ilsa. 


Gastronorm Chillers & Freezers

Professional kitchens need much more than skilled chefs. They need top-quality equipment and functional tools that deliver excellent products and top-level service. 

That's why the Ilsa refrigerated cabinets are not just machines that allow you to better store preparations and food, they are an excellent tool to turn professional kitchens into the ideal workplace and above all they are organised and efficient systems. 

The new line of Neos refrigerated cabinets combine elegance and reliability with high efficiency. A complete line that meets every need for food storage be it fresh or frozen, ensuring maximum food safety. 

Evolve from Ilsa takes things to the next level and transform the idea of what a refrigerated cabinet really is. Evolve means a refined and sophisticated design, touch display, climate class 5 performance, 85mm thick insulation and the INTELLI defrost system to maximise performance and efficiency. 


Gastronorm Chillers & Freezers
Refrigerated Counters

When Ilsa design a new product the main focus is on solving the problems faced every day by kitchen professionals. They thrive on finding solutions to these problems and making the lives of their customers easier and better at the same time. 

The Start range of refrigerated counters offer the best value of any on the market. From the monoblock stainless steel structure to the 50mm thick high density insulation and the efficient refrigeration system they combine the best features of any in the market yet maintain an attractive price point. 

Refrigerated Counters
Blast Chillers & Freezers

The Ilsa blast chillers and freezers are the undisputable partners of every kitchen professional. Using the latest technology they maintain food hygiene and safety without affecting the quality of the produce. 

The COOK & CHILL system blast chillers allow you to accept trolleys and G/N trays. 

Blast Chillers & Freezers
Retarder Provers

The ILSA BAKERY SYSTEM evolves with the new range of retarder-provers with a LCD touch technology electronic board. 

Programming an automatic retarding-proving cycle is now simpler, faster and more intuitive thanks to a large colour LCD screen which is combined with Touch Technology. The screen allows you to better visualise  all of the setting phases and the process cycles significantly reducing planning time. 

Retarder Provers