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Integral Multidecks

Capital Cooling are known throughout the UK as an integral multideck specialist. Integral multidecks utilise a built-in refrigeration system which eliminates the need for an externally mounted condenser system. The Open Front Chillers or Refrigerated Shelving give unrivalled refrigeration storage and display. They are some of the largest Commercial Refrigeration units that we provide here at Capital Cooling Refrigeration.

Integral multidecks (often referred to as dairy cases, open front chillers, refrigerated shelving or Shop Display Fridges) offer clients greater flexibility and have a lower initial cost than a remote multideck system as they have the refrigeration system built into the unit itself and generally involve a “plug and go” installation. By having the refrigeration system built in integral multidecks offer a more flexible solution and have a lower initial cost.

The most important factor is the temperature range or class as this indicates the maximum and minimum temperature that the integral multideck will work within:

Integral multidecks with a temperature range of 3M2 (-1 to +7 degrees) are suitable for dairy, snacks, beers & wines as well as pre-packaged cooked meats.

Integral multidecks with a temperature range of 3M1 (-1 to +5 degrees) are suitable for all of the above and also fresh meats.
You can view our integral multideck open front chiller buying guide here

Buy Integral Multidecks, Open Front Chillers & Shop Display Fridges
It is important to choose an integral multideck that suits your needs and the products that you wish to display. The best way to understand which Integral Multideck is best for you is to get in contact with us. You may see the Multidecks and Open Front Chillers that we have on offer below and call us on 0800 644 4004 for more information about our products. If you own a bar or drinks premises, you may also be interested in our range of display & beer fridges.

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