Add a touch of Italian style. SIFA Gelato and Patisserie counters now available

Designed and manufactured in Italy SIFA’s exquisite design approach and attention to detail culminates in this distinctive range of attractive and reliable plug-in counters.

The structure and design of these cases has been created in such a way as to minimise any visual obstructions so perfectly framing the products drawing the customer focus to them.

Available in gelato, patisserie, and chocolatier configurations they also boast a wide range of options, colours and customisations that are available on request so you can create the ideal counter for your situation.

Not only beautiful on the outside, the sharp, Italian design houses an advanced refrigeration system ensuring the contents are always at the perfect temperature to maintain their consistency.

The SIFA range also features two serve over displays, Promoter and Vega, ideally suited for fresh meat, dairy and deli. Both come with a wide range of options, colours and customisations so can be tailored to suit your retail requirements.

Full shopfitting and counter design is available with all SIFA products.

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