Capital Cooling is thrilled to have had one of this year’s product launches featured in FEJ’s guide to the top kitchen launches of 2019.

Foodservice Equipment Journal compiled six categories (Innovation, Energy Efficiency, Design-Led, Functionality and Value & Usability) and invited the industry to vote for their winners. 

Presented in the ‘design-led’ category, the Ilsa Evolve Storage Chiller was recommended in this section due to its sleek style, simple touch display and rounded internal corners which were all contributing factors.

At Capital Cooling, we are particularly proud of this product, not only because of its ability to look contemporary in any commercial kitchen, it is also easy to use and satisfies the requirements of any chef.

Ilsa combines the advanced refrigeration technology with energy saving properties and incorporates the INTELLI defrost system that improves and enhances the cooling ability of the unit.

It has been a tight year in terms of competition, which is why it is a great honour for us to be showcased within this guide of prestigious products.

We would like to say a big thank you to Food Equipment Journal for placing Capital Cooling in the list!

Further information and specification details on the Ilsa Evolve GN AE014X2500 is available at