Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Working hard for our environment

At Capital Cooling we take our responsibilities to our customers, staff and the environment seriously.

Managing our non-financial risks such as quality, safety and the environment is essential to the growth of our business there for we are keen to ensure that all our management systems are compliant with international standards of performance and best practice.


Health & Safety

Capital Cooling Ltd recognises it’s duties under the Health and Safety Work Act, and related legislation for the health and safety of its employees, members of the public and others who may be affected by the Company’s operations. We operate an independently audited Health & Safety Management System under the guidelines of OHSAS18001.

We provide safe places of work, safe systems of work, adequate information and training for employees to ensure their health and safety and to safeguard members of the public and others.

While all levels of management are aware of their personal responsibilities for the implementation of this policy, all employees have a duty to take reasonable care to avoid injury and ill health to themselves and others by their work activities and to co-operate with the Management in meeting statutory requirements.


The Environment

Capital Coldrooms provides a range of service and maintenance options which can be customised to suit the requirements of the client.

We understand that our day-to-day operations have an impact on our surrounding environment and we are committed to reducing this impact any way we can. We operate with an independently audited Environmental Management System under the guidelines of ISO14001:2015.

We have taken significant steps towards reducing our carbon footprint with the introduction of LED lighting throughout our office and warehouse, the introduction of low carbon vehicles throughout our fleet and the continual development of energy efficient refrigeration products with Zero Ozone Depleting potential and natural refrigerants.



We take quality seriously. From the performance level expected from our products to the customer service provided by our after-sales team. We manage, maintain and monitor our Quality performance through our independently audited Quality Management System to ISO9001:2015 standards.

Quality is the foundation that our business is built upon and customer satisfaction is the measure of our performance.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Capital Cooling is committed to sound environmental stewardship, good governance and socially responsible business practices within its stakeholder community. All employees, as key stakeholders, accept their role in actively supporting Capital Cooling in achieving its four Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability aims:
•    To develop and provide refrigeration products and services which have no negative impact on our planet
•    To operate in a sustainable manner at all times by reducing waste and energy usage
•    To support and contribute to the success of the local community and the country as a whole
•    To improve the working lives of employees by offering training, support and rewards


Equal Opportunities

Capital Cooling Ltd recognises that discrimination takes place and accepts it has a moral and social duty to do everything we can to challenge prejudice and discrimination and promote equality.

    • Equal Pay Act 1970
    • Sex Discrimination Act 1975
    • Race Relations Act 1976
    • Race Relations Amendment Act 2000
    • Disability Discrimination Act 1995

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