Capital Cooling are working hard to support the UK’s energy efficiency mission by offering the option of free glass doors with all of our Galaxy integral multidecks.

Last month it was revealed that supermarket refrigeration uses a huge 1% of Britain’s electricity, with a large part of this due to many of the products not having doors and being constantly open. People across the UK are now petitioning the Government to ban open fridges and freezers in all retail outlets.

Climate change is threatening our planet more than ever before and now we all need to take the necessary steps to stabilise our environment, including retailers. This is why Capital Cooling have chosen to offer free doors with every Galaxy Multideck purchase.

Capital Cooling CEO, Steve Steadman, said: “Extensive research and development has allowed us to offer full glass doors, which are available in both hinged and sliding, as a free option on all of our Galaxy Multideck models.

“We are working hard to continually add value to our products and our customers, rather than removing features to keep costs down - and the free multideck doors are now more important than ever.

“We believe that as a refrigeration manufacturer we have a big part to play in helping to reverse the effects that chillers and freezers have on the environment.”

The petition, which has already gathered almost 30,000 signatures, states that if all supermarkets had doors on their fridges and freezers, it would be the energy-saving equivalent of the entire population of Poland - showing the extent of energy that is being wasted every single day.

Next year, all companies above a certain size will need to declare their greenhouse gas footprint, so this is the perfect opportunity for retail outlets to make a positive change in preparation for this new requirement. 

Official, verified*, test results for the Galaxy integral multideck confirm that energy consumption drops by more than 50% with the addition of doors – meaning that the environment is not the only winner, the retailer will see these reductions reflected in their annual energy costs. 

The Galaxy Multideck from Capital Cooling is completely flexible and available in five case lengths from 700mm to 2600mm, as well as a range of heights, depths and finishes.

For information about our Galaxy Multidecks, give us a call on 0800 644 4004.

To sign the petition to have this issue debated in Parliament please visit


A recent study of high street retail outlets demonstrated the savings they could make by switching their estate from open-fronted to full glass door chillers.

Number of open front chillers in analysed estate – 1256

CO2 Equivalent Saving – 55%

7811Kg of CO2 Equivalent saved per 24 hour period* based on carbon trust grid supply

£691,934 – Annual saving by switching to FGD cases

*Tests carried out to BS EN23953 standard