Chest Freezers

Chest Freezers

When it comes to value for money frozen storage nothing can beat a chest freezer. These deep storage freezers offer cavernous storage space, low buying price and even lower running costs. Chest Freezers are perfect for your business or for in the garage at home. They are robust, space efficient, cost-effective and very versatile. See our range of Chest Freezers for sale below.

Domestic & Commercial Chest Freezers

Capital Cooling has a wide range of commercial chest freezers ranging from small chest freezers right up to large chest freezers. Our Midas range of chest freezers from Capital is one of the most popular in the UK and is undoubtedly the best value. Our selection includes some small and large chest freezers that can be purchased with, or without, a stainless steel lid. Our range on offer includes sizes from 450Ls to our 650L Large Chest Freezer. 

Due to the Capital Midas range’s versatility and energy efficiency, they are perfect as domestic or commercial chest freezers – while being built to withstand the demands of a commercial kitchen they are also A+ rated for energy efficiency making them suitable for domestic use too. 

Chest Freezers are generally more energy efficient than the upright freezer due to the fact that they open from the top which keeps the cold air inside. A Chest Freezer is also able to accommodate more food and has a better storage capacity, which makes them perfect for large or bulky items. This extra storage is perfect for restaurants and businesses that keep a lot of stock and have to accommodate bulk bought frozen food. The chest freezer also keeps its temperature even if the lid is opened often, it will not cost you a fortune to run. 

As a domestic freezer, even a large chest freezer is space effective in your home. They fit in perfectly where there is little upright space so we often find that our customers are purchasing a chest freezer for a garage or an outhouse. Although the chest freezer does take up more floor space compared an upright freezer, the storage they yield is unbeatable.

Chest Freezers for Sale

Whether you are looking for a domestic or commercial chest freezer, or whether it is a large chest freezer or a small one, you will find that the range of chest freezers for sale with Capital Cooling will suit your requirements. Our Midas Chest Freezer range comes with baskets included as standard, with adjustable thermostat, a tough and durable construction and much more. See our Chest Freezers for sale below. 

Capital Midas 450L - Chest Freezer

Code: midas 450Brand: CapitalStock: In StockSize: 1270 x 760 x 845 mm
EX-VAT:£290.00 (inc VAT £348.00)

Capital Midas 550L - Large Chest Freezer

Code: midas 550Brand: CapitalStock: In StockSize: 1535 x 760 x 845 mm
EX-VAT:£339.00 (inc VAT £406.80)

Capital Midas 450 + Stainless Steel Lid- Chest Freezer

Code: midas 450SSBrand: CapitalStock: In StockSize: 1270 x 760 x 845 mm
EX-VAT:£340.00 (inc VAT £408.00)

Capital Midas 650L - Large Chest Freezer

Code: Midas 650LBrand: CapitalStock: In StockSize: 1800 x 760 x 845 mm
EX-VAT:£374.00 (inc VAT £448.80)

Capital Midas 550 + Stainless Steel Lid - Large Chest Freezer

Code: midas 550SSBrand: CapitalStock: In StockSize: 1535 x 760 x 845 mm
EX-VAT:£408.00 (inc VAT £489.60)

Capital Midas 650 + Stainless Steel Lid - Large Chest Freezer

Code: Midas 650SSBrand: CapitalStock: In StockSize: 1800 x 760 x 845 mm
EX-VAT:£483.00 (inc VAT £579.60)
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