Upright Freezers

Commercial Upright Freezers 

The most common type of freezer found in a commercial kitchen is an upright storage freezer which keeps important foodstuffs close to hand for easy access. Designed to deal with the hot temperatures and demanding environment of a busy kitchen, these upright freezers provide lots of frozen storage right where you need it. These upright commercial catering freezers are available from fantastic brands like Capital, True, Foster, Genfrost and Liebherr all of which are at the pinnacle of their respective markets.

Advantages of a Tall Freezer

The biggest advantage of an upright freezer is that it fits into small spaces which makes them fit perfectly in a busy or compact kitchen. Compared to a chest freezer, which takes up a large amount of floor space, the upright freezer only takes up a small amount of room and has a lot of storage based on its hight. This is why they are often referred to as tall freezers. Due to the way that these freestanding freezers are designed, they are easier to access and usually have shelves or drawers that promote better organization. This makes it easier to access and sort food in a busy kitchen, or at home. The tall upright freezer is also much easier to defrost and clean than a chest freezer too – this makes them perfect for storing small frozen items at home, or in a busy restaurant. 

Upright freezers add greatly to your food preparation capabilities, they allow you to save money and reduce energy costs (by using a freestanding freezer rather than a combination freezer).

Freestanding Freezer Best Practice 

When looking to buy a freestanding freezer, you should consider not buying an upright freezer that is too big. A freezer should be at least 2/3rds full for maximum energy efficiency. If the upright freezer is not up to 2/3rds full, you should consider storing gallons of water to take up the space. 

Also, if the freestanding freezer does not have a bulit-in thermostat, you may consider purchasing one to ensure that the freezer is at the correct temperature. Some of the ‘top’ upright freezer models do have a built-in thermometer like our Capital Royal MK2 400LS Tall Freezer which has its own temperature display on the outside of the freezer. This means that you do not need to open the door to see how cold your freezer is. The tall freezer also has a digital temperature controller. Always ensure that your freezer is clean and at the correct temperature so that your foor is perfectly preserved.

Buy an Upright Freezer Today

These upright stainless steel catering freezers are great value for money so check out our range today – all of which are available for fast nationwide delivery. 

Capital Royal MK2 400LS Freezer

Code: 400LSBrand: CapitalStock: In StockSize: 605 x 604 x 1855 mm
EX-VAT:£549.00 (inc VAT £658.80)
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