Sliding Glass Lid Freezer

Sliding Glass Lid Freezer

Sliding glass lid freezers such as glass lid chest freezers or jumbo island freezers are a great way to store and display large amounts of frozen food.

Smaller glass lid freezers, like the Talisman range, are perfect for displaying pre-packaged ice cream while jumbo island freezers, like the Titan, are ideal for main meals, pizzas and the likes.

Many sliding lid freezers come with rubber coated wire baskets for displaying the frozen food and can even be branded with corporate imagery for maximum visual impact. 

Capital Talisman 1

Code: TAL-1Brand: CapitalStock: In StockSize: 800 x 694 x 850 mm
EX-VAT:£326.00 (inc VAT £391.20)

Capital Talisman 2

Code: TAL-2Brand: CapitalStock: In StockSize: 1239 x 694 x 850 mm
EX-VAT:£396.00 (inc VAT £475.20)

Capital Talisman 3

Code: TAL-3Brand: CapitalStock: In StockSize: 1509 x 694 x 850 mm
EX-VAT:£461.00 (inc VAT £553.20)

Titan 1.5m (MK2)

Code: Titan 1.5Brand: CapitalStock: In StockSize: 1513 x 963 x 780 mm
EX-VAT:£1,124.00 (inc VAT £1,348.80)

Titan 2.0m (MK2)

Code: Titan 2.0Brand: CapitalStock: 2-3 DaysSize: 2010 x 960 x 770 mm
EX-VAT:£1,249.00 (inc VAT £1,498.80)

Titan 2.5m (MK2)

Code: Titan 2.5Brand: CapitalStock: 2-3 DaysSize: 2510 x 960 x 770 mm
EX-VAT:£1,374.00 (inc VAT £1,648.80)

Capital Talisman Vision

Code: VisionBrand: CapitalStock: In StockSize: 1239 x 644 x 1119 mm
EX-VAT:£1,598.00 (inc VAT £1,917.60)
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