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Capital Cooling works exclusively in partnership with leading Italian manufacturer ISA to offer their full range of ice cream display Freezers & cabinets. Ice Cream Freezers are fantastic for restaurants or shops that make their own, or sell branded, ice cream. Have you ever walked passed a shop on a warm summers day and you see a huge selection of ice cream? Then you’ll know how appetising it looks and how many customers an ice cream display freezer can draw in. Unlike something like a chest freezer, an ice cream freezer is both functional and looks fantastic to your customers. There are plenty of Advantages to buying an ice cream freezer.

These ice cream scooping freezers can be separated into two groups, promotional ice cream freezers and professional ice cream freezers.

Promotional Ice Cream Display Freezers

Promotional ice cream display freezers are designed for retail outlets where the sale of ice cream is not the primary function of the business. Often fitted with castors these ice cream freezers can be used during the summer months then moved out of sight during the winter. These units are perfect for a mobile business, and businesses that sell ice cream on a promotional basis. 

Promotional iced cream freezers are also smaller units 

Professional Ice Cream Freezers

Professional ice cream scooping freezers are ideal for stores where the sale of ice cream is an integral part of the business. They are a more permanent ice cream displays than the promotional freezers and often feature many more spaces for different flavours. These are perfect for a stationary venue or establishment that sells ice cream as standard. These ice cream freezers look great and are highly functional. They also work like bottle coolers and bar fridges where they showcase their contents and increase revenue. 

Cream Display Freezers for Sale

We have a wide selection of ISA Ice Cream freezers for sale available in our store below & Please contact us on 01506 859 000 if you require any further information regarding our full ISA range.

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