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Serve Over Display Counters

Capital Cooling can supply a comprehensive range of refrigerated serve over cases ranging from simple entry level deli serve over models through to professional, fully custom butcher serve over displays.

With a product to suit every need and budget the Capital Cooling range of refrigerated serve over displays clients can tailor a solution which incorporates the size, colour, style and temperature range they require. These refrigerated display counters are perfect for deli’s, butchers, takeaway stores as well as farm shops and specialist outlets. 

Capital can supply both integral serve over displays (with the refrigeration system built in) and remote serve over displays (with an external refrigeration system). 

Most of our serve over counter ranges can be multiplexed which means you can create curves and corners to suit the layout of your store. Our experienced installation team can carry out this process on site and the end result is a fantastic and attractive display. 

View some of our recent serve over counter installations be sure to check out our case studies.

Venus 1250 Remote

Code: Venus 1250 RemoteStock: In Stock
EX-VAT:£1,617.00 (inc VAT £1,940.40)

Venus 1250 Integral

Code: Venus 1250 IntegralStock: In Stock
EX-VAT:£2,117.00 (inc VAT £2,540.40)

Venus 1875 Remote

Code: Venus 1875 RemoteStock: In Stock
EX-VAT:£2,117.00 (inc VAT £2,540.40)

Venus 2500 Remote

Code: Venus 2500 RemoteStock: In Stock
EX-VAT:£2,617.00 (inc VAT £3,140.40)

Venus 1875 Integral

Code: Venus 1875 IntegralStock: In Stock
EX-VAT:£2,667.00 (inc VAT £3,200.40)

Venus 2814 Remote

Code: Venus 2814 RemoteStock: In Stock
EX-VAT:£2,917.00 (inc VAT £3,500.40)

Venus 2500 Integral

Code: Venus 2500 IntegralStock: In Stock
EX-VAT:£3,317.00 (inc VAT £3,980.40)

Venus 3750 Remote

Code: Venus 3750 RemoteStock: In Stock
EX-VAT:£3,367.00 (inc VAT £4,040.40)

Venus 2814 Integral

Code: Venus 2814 IntegralStock: In Stock
EX-VAT:£3,467.00 (inc VAT £4,160.40)

Venus 3750 Integral

Code: Venus 3750 IntegralStock: In Stock
EX-VAT:£4,067.00 (inc VAT £4,880.40)
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