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Display Fridge & Chillers

A display fridge provides an efficient way of showcasing large quantities of chilled produce in an attractive and shopper friendly way. Each display fridge comes in many different shapes and sizes to suit each and every need & these display chillers are designed to increase impulse purchases within the store.

The Capital Cooling's selection of display fridges features glass door chillers, upright chillers and many other display fridges that can be delivered quickly to your site or store. With single door chillers and double door chillers available Capital Cooling will have the display fridge or chiller to suit your needs. Both the single glass door and double glass door chillers come with a wide range of possible features including LED lights, self-closing door(s), adjustable shelves and illuminated light box. If you are looking for a beer fridge, you may find them here.

Brand your Display Fridge

When you purchase one or a selection of upright display fridges, they can be branded at an additional cost. This is perfect for small, national or international brands who are looking to maximise their brand presence or keep continuity in store. It is often said that the branded display fridges help to further build a connection between your brand, and your customer. 

Contact our team for a quote, minimum order quantities apply.

Capital Can Cooler 65RC

Code: 65RCBrand: CapitalStock: In StockSize: 541 x 541 x 950 mm
EX-VAT:£349.00 (inc VAT £418.80)

Capital Vesta 430

Code: 430Brand: CapitalStock: In StockSize: 610 x 640 x 1950 mm
EX-VAT:£459.00 (inc VAT £550.80)

Capital Pavo 1 Door ECO-COOL Chiller

Code: PA1DBrand: CapitalStock: In StockSize: 670 x 695 x 1985 mm
EX-VAT:£518.00 (inc VAT £621.60)

Capital Vesta 800

Code: 800Brand: CapitalStock: In StockSize: 1000 x 727 x 2100 mm
EX-VAT:£707.00 (inc VAT £848.40)

Capital Vesta 800 Sliding

Code: 800SBrand: CapitalStock: In StockSize: 1000 x 727 x 2100 mm
EX-VAT:£707.00 (inc VAT £848.40)

Capital Pavo 2 Door ECO-COOL

Code: PA2DBrand: CapitalStock: In StockSize: 1220 x 695 x 1985 mm
EX-VAT:£838.00 (inc VAT £1,005.60)

Capital Promoter 10 Slim

Code: Promoter-10-SLBrand: CapitalStock: In StockSize: 1053 x 785 x 935 mm
EX-VAT:£1,293.00 (inc VAT £1,551.60)

Capital Promoter 10 Standard

Code: Promoter-10Brand: CapitalStock: In StockSize: 1100 x 1242 x 850 mm
EX-VAT:£1,293.00 (inc VAT £1,551.60)

Capital Promoter 14 Slim

Code: Promoter-14-SLBrand: CapitalStock: In StockSize: 1365 x 785 x 935 mm
EX-VAT:£1,461.00 (inc VAT £1,753.20)

Capital Promoter 14 Standard

Code: Promoter-14Brand: CapitalStock: In StockSize: 1412 x 1242 x 850 mm
EX-VAT:£1,461.00 (inc VAT £1,753.20)

Venus 1250 Remote

Code: Venus 1250 RemoteStock: In Stock
EX-VAT:£1,617.00 (inc VAT £1,940.40)

Venus 1250 Integral

Code: Venus 1250 IntegralStock: In Stock
EX-VAT:£2,117.00 (inc VAT £2,540.40)

Venus 1875 Remote

Code: Venus 1875 RemoteStock: In Stock
EX-VAT:£2,117.00 (inc VAT £2,540.40)

Venus 2500 Remote

Code: Venus 2500 RemoteStock: In Stock
EX-VAT:£2,617.00 (inc VAT £3,140.40)

Venus 1875 Integral

Code: Venus 1875 IntegralStock: In Stock
EX-VAT:£2,667.00 (inc VAT £3,200.40)

Venus 2814 Remote

Code: Venus 2814 RemoteStock: In Stock
EX-VAT:£2,917.00 (inc VAT £3,500.40)

Venus 2500 Integral

Code: Venus 2500 IntegralStock: In Stock
EX-VAT:£3,317.00 (inc VAT £3,980.40)

Venus 3750 Remote

Code: Venus 3750 RemoteStock: In Stock
EX-VAT:£3,367.00 (inc VAT £4,040.40)

Venus 2814 Integral

Code: Venus 2814 IntegralStock: In Stock
EX-VAT:£3,467.00 (inc VAT £4,160.40)

Venus 3750 Integral

Code: Venus 3750 IntegralStock: In Stock
EX-VAT:£4,067.00 (inc VAT £4,880.40)
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