Glass Door Shop Fridges

Glass Door Shop Fridges

Food-to-go is continuing to be a growth market in the convenience industry and people are always running around in circles in their hectic lifestyles which propel them to consume the ready-to-eat foods. Generally, ready-to-eat food items require cold storage and a display chiller that increases impulse purchases is the perfect solution.

Nowadays, all convenience stores, supermarkets, petrol forecourts and newsagents have not one but multiple fridges. Some of these fridges might be for cold storage of food, some might be for storing ice-creams while some might be nothing but a
display chiller for displaying the variety of snacks and pastries and cakes, the business has to offer.

There are various companies that offer refrigerators in the market today. There are so many options that it becomes an uphill task in itself to select the right kind of fridge for one’s home or business.

We at Capital Cooling are among the very few awards winning United Kingdom based companies. We specialise in manufacturing and selling of commercial refrigeration equipment that not only performs great but offers fantastic value for money. We at Capital Cooling, sell different kind of chillers that are perfect for food to go – these include
glass door fridge for commercial uses to open front display fridge among others.

When it comes to
glass door chillers, we have three options in the products that we manufacture for all the potential buyers out there. Thus the three options are as follows:


  • Capital Vesta 430: The dimensions for the aforementioned display fridge are 610 x 640 x 1950 mm. It is an ideal option for small food businesses that doesn’t need much of cold food storage or display. The code for the aforementioned fridge is 430.

  • Capital Vesta 800: The dimensions for the aforementioned display chiller are 1000x727x2100 mm. It is the most apt choice of fridge for storing milk, juices and other cold drinks for commercial purposes. The code for the aforementioned fridge is 800.

  • Capital Vesta 800 Sliding: The dimensions for the aforementioned shop chiller are 1000x727x2100 mm. The aforementioned sliding fridge is what the big food businesses need to lure in customers who give due leverage to the presentation of the things around them. The fridge is easy to use because of its sliding door. It can be used to display all sorts of artsy food items made by the chefs. The code for the aforementioned fridge is 800S.

All the three aforementioned
glass door chillers are specially designed to increase impulse purchases while operating efficiently and maintaining a constant temperature to maintain food quality.

The fridges have temperature control feature which helps in adjusting the temperature as and when required depending on the kind of food one wants to store in the fridge and shelves can also be adjusted depending on what you are displaying.

The Vesta display chillers also feature an illuminated light box which can be branded to add even more impact to your food-to-go display.

So, for effective and efficient glass door fridge, we at Capital Cooling are a great pick.

You can view our full range of Glass Door fridges here

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