Integral Multideck Buying Guide

Integral Multideck Buying Guide

Integral Multidecks

An integral multideck display chiller is an open front chiller with the refrigeration system built in, so there is no need to have an external condensing unit situations outside your store. This makes installation really simple as it is literally “plug and play” – simply connect the unit to the power (many operate with just a normal 13A plug but always check first as some need 16A) and it will be good to use right away. 

Other advantages of integral multideck refrigerated display include initial cost – they can be much cheaper than a remote system, flexibility – they can be moved to different positions within the store if required without having to re-engineer any pipework, Planning permission – there is no need for planning permission as there is no external changes being made to the building. 

When picking an integral multideck display chiller important things to look out for include; 

Temperature range – does it suit what you are going to display? Dairy/BWS 3M2 is fine, however fresh meat requires a 3M1 case. 

Number of shelves and depth of the shelves, do they suit your requirements? 

What warranty is provided and how is it supported? 

Lighting – is it energy saving LED? 

Is an energy saving night blind included? 

These display chillers are available as either open front multidecks or glass door multidecks – the latter offering increased energy savings of up to 60%. 

All integral multidecks from Capital Cooling can be multiplexed to create a range of sizes to suit your requirements. 

Contact the Capital Cooling team today to discuss your options and to get a competitive quote for your new display chiller.

Or view the full range of integral multideck open fronted chillers here

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