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Chest Freezer For Your Garage

Here at Capital Cooling we are stockists of a variety of different freezers, both for commercial and domestic properties. One of our most popular sellers has to be the chest freezer, an incredibly useful appliance that can allow you to store a large amount of food with ease.

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From convenience stores to supermarkets and butchers to bakers it is amazing how many retail outlets rely on refrigeration. It is only when you stop and really think about it that you realise almost every store on the high street will have at least one chiller or freezer.

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How To Defrost Your Chest Freezer

Chest freezers are great for both domestic and commercial properties. They allow you plenty of space to store a variety of frozen foods, and can cut down on problems such as food waste.

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Buying a bottle cooler for your house or business can be a confusing affair. There are lots of different options out there as glass door fridges are used to display the drinks at cafes, pubs or restaurants.

Chest Freezer Buying Guide

Nowadays a freezer is pretty much an essential piece of kit for any home or food business. Lots of standard fridges come with a built in freezer; however there are many advantages to buying a standalone item such as a chest freezer.

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Remote Multidecks Buying Guide

A remote multideck utilises an external refrigeration unit, commonly located out the back of your store. That unit is connected to the display chiller via pipework and is a great option for retailers that require a large amount of chilled display in their store. 

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Integral Multideck Buying Guide

An integral multideck display chiller is an open front chiller with the refrigeration system built in, so there is no need to have an external condensing unit situations outside your store. This makes installation really simple as it is literally “plug and play” – simply connect the unit to the power (many operate with just a normal 13A plug but always check first as some need 16A) and it will be good to use right away.

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Ice Cream Freezer Buying Guide

If you are thinking about buying an ice cream scooping freezer the first thing to do is to decide whether you require a professional or a promotional display freezer. 

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