Chest Freezer Buying Guide

Chest Freezer Buying Guide

Nowadays a freezer is pretty much an essential piece of kit for any home or food business. Lots of standard fridges come with a built in freezer; however there are many advantages to buying a standalone item such as a chest freezer.

Chest freezers can be used by family or food businesses. Some reasons for buying a standalone freezers range from the need for storing bulk food to needing a huge frozen storage capacity for business purposes among other reasons. It is an added benefit that a standalone freezer also helps in saving time and money. However, not all freezers are same so you should be very careful while buying a new freezer.

For starters, there are two common types, chest freezers and upright freezers. The first thing to do is decide what one is best suited to your needs. Both kinds of freezers have a list of pros and cons that can help in deciding the kind of freezer they want.

People often decide between buying an upright freezer and chest freezer by taking into consideration the factors like cost, energy efficiency, storage, organisation, defrosting ability, space requirements and the performance of the freezer during power outrage situations.

In a nutshell, chest freezers are cost efficient and consume less energy. On the other hand, upright freezers can be more compact.

Use this exclusive guide to buy the most suitable chest freezer for you. The most vital factors to keep in mind while buying a chest freezer include size, cost and energy efficiency etc. Read on people, and you can thank us later!

There are some features one should look for while buying a chest freezer. These are as follows:

·         Freezer Locks: It limits the access to the freezer. It comes in handy when there are young kids at home or the freezer is in a business environment and it needs to be secure

·         Warning Light: It helps in monitoring the freezers operation at all times. There is an alarm light when there is no power or there is an issue that affects the functioning of the freezer.

·         Insulation: The thicker the insulation the better the performance of the freezer. Thicker insulation stops the cold escaping and means the compressor does not need to run as much – this saves your money on electrical running costs.

·         Adjustable Thermostat: This allows you to change the temperature to get the perfect results

·         Replaceable Lid Gasket: Chest freezers can keep performing for many years however one part that can become less effective over time is the lid gasket. By being able to replace the lid gasket easily you can get the maximum life out of your investment.

Choosing the Right Size of Chest Freezer

It is a widely known fact that freezers come in four different sizes. These are compact, large, medium and small. When one wants to buy a chest freezer, there are a lot of things one needs to take into consideration. Thus, some things to remember while buying the chest freezer are as follows:

  •        You should take the capacity of the chest freezer into account before finalising on the chest freezer of your choice. The size is directly proportional to the family size or the size of the food business and the eating habits of the family.
  •        The next thing to consider is the quantity of food one needs on a regular basis. The quantity of food one needs also affects the size of the chest freezer one needs.
  •          The food preference also plays a vital role in buying the right sized chest freezer. If people prefer their foods to be frozen, then a large sized chest freezer is needed. Otherwise, a medium sized chest freezer is an ideal pick.
  •       One should take into consideration the cooking preferences of the family. In case, grocery shopping is done only once a week, then having a large chest freezer will be helpful in handling the load.
  • ·       Another key thing to look at is the size of the freezer and if it will fit through the doorways into the room you want it to be located - this will stop failed deliveries.


Cost of Chest Freezers

The average cost of a chest freezer is between £150 and £600. Generally, the price of a chest freezer depends on the brand and size one buys.

Energy Efficiency of Chest Freezers

No matter the amount of money a chest freezer costs, at the end of the day, it will consume electricity to keep the food fresh. Thus, taking into account the energy requirements of a chest freezer model is vital. Since food is stacked in layers in chest styled freezers, the varied food items cool themselves by the process of insulation. Thus, the freezer doesn’t need as much as electricity as upright freezer. This in turn, saves a lot of electricity costs.

In case, people are confused about spending on a chest freezer that is expensive but has better energy efficiency and a chest freezer that is budget friendly and consumes a lot of electricity, then the choice is very simple. People should always opt for the former as it has long term benefits. People should also take into account the freezer’s performance in power outrage situations.

Thus, in conclusion, getting a chest freezer will save the family or the said food business a lot of time and money. The pointers above will help people in buying a chest freezer that is effective and efficient as per their needs and requirements.

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