Ice Cream Freezer Buying Guide

Ice Cream Freezer Buying Guide

Ice Cream Display Freezers

If you are thinking about buying an ice cream scooping freezer the first thing to do is to decide whether you require a professional or a promotional display freezer. 

If selling ice cream is a core part of your business model then go for a professional freezer, if selling ice cream is supplementary to your business then a promotional case will be the best option for you. 

Ice cream display freezers can cost anything from £1000 to £11,000 so as you can imagine there is a huge difference in specification. 

A professional display will have a mode advanced refrigeration system that allows the ice cream to be placed higher up and more visible to customers – it will really make the ice cream stand out and look appetising and attractive. Have a look at the Gelato Supershow, it is the perfect example with its 3D product visibility. 

On the other hand a promotional case will have the ice cream set further down inside and the customer will need to be standing up close in order to see all of the flavours. They will often have castors so they can be moved when not in use and the front panels can often be branded with the store logo or the brand of ice cream. 

Promotional Ice Cream Display

Our promotional ice cream display freezers include; 

- ISA Isetta

- ISA Samoa

- ISA Fiji

- ISA Isabella

Professional Ice Cream Display

We stock some of the finest professional ice cream scooping freezers available, including; 

- ISA Millennium 

- ISA Gelatoshow

- ISA Gelato Supershow

- ISA Kaleido

When picking the size of freezer you want to keep two things in mind – the amount of space you have and the number of flavours you would like to display. Some promotional models will only hold 4 flavours while professional cases can hold more than 20! 

If you are still unsure, or would just like a bit of help and guidance then call the Capital Cooling team on 0800 644 4004 where one of our advisors will guide you through your purchase ensuring you get the very best item for your needs. 

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